E3 2013 - Top Five Expectations

GAMING | by Sam Robinson | in Top Fives | 9th June 2013 - 21:15
With E3 coming up very shortly indeed, our minds are filled with what could be coming up and what is in the future for the gaming world. Here's what we are anticipating the most in this year's E3 conference:

5. Franchises

Whether we love them or regard them with thunderous indifference, we're always curious to find out what's in the pipeline for gaming's biggest franchises. They might not be very surprising and rather predictable, but people still love to find out what's next for them all the same. This E3, things might actually be quite interesting on the franchise front as COD: Ghosts will be talked about- this game looks like a step away from the typical COD style, and it looks like Activision could finally be responding to all the flak they've taken over the last few years.

4. Strange Presentations

Occasionally press conference presentations get rather odd. There have been a few deliveries in previous E3s that have been quite confusing and really a bit weird, with dancers, people wielding laser guns and Flo Rida all appearing on Ubisoft's stage in the last few years. Some of these unorthodox presentations are funny and entertaining, while others are wacky, oddball or just downright cringe worthy- often both at the same time.

3. The Future of the Current Gen

We know already that the flow of titles for this gen hasn't stopped yet, and this will still be a big year for the PS3 and 360. But, it will be interesting to see whether this gen will only stagger on for a bit longer or whether it's just hitting its prime. This will also be influenced by what's happening next gen in terms of prices, exclusives, and most of all backwards compatibility and pre-owned games. Microsoft and Sony seem to both be making moves to shut these things down almost entirely, but this could mean that more gamers will stick with this gen. What's revealed at this E3 could influence how much life the PS3 and the 360 have got left in them.

2. PS4 and Xbox One

Microsoft and Sony have both kept their cards close to their chests about their next-gen consoles and neither has shown their full hand yet. Whereas Sony showed games and the tech they'll be using with the PS4 but not the actual PS4 itself (which felt like a waste of two hours for me as I viewed it), Microsoft were happy to show off the Xbox One design, but didn't show us any gameplay or exclusives (which felt like an equally wasteful presentation). This leaves a lot to be found out about both consoles, so hopefully we'll get given a better idea of what they'll be like at E3.

1. Surprises!

What makes an E3 really great is those spontaneous, surprising shocks that come out of the blue. Best example: Watch Dogs back in 2012. It's these that always steal the show at E3, because we all love surprises. Hopefully there'll be some of that at this E3, with awesome stuff that we simply did not see coming which will monopolise the stage this year.

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