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TV | by Andrew Shawley | in Top Fives | 31st May 2013 - 18:40
With the revelation at the end of Season 5 - Part 1, there promises to be quite a finale for the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad. So, with possibly the most anticipated show of 2013 coming up, we've amassed a list of 5 things we think may happen in the conclusion of BB.


5. Hank Dies

Hank has been pushing his luck for a long time and his revelation at the end of Season 5 Part 1 means that he is unlikely to survive the final episodes. There is an expectation that a lot of characters will be killed off and, in my opinion, Hank is a cert.

4. Skyler Kills Someone

Skyler has had to take a lot of s**t over the course of 5 Seasons, so far in fact, that we saw her breakdown several times during Season 5. I can see a few scenarios in which she may end up finishing someone. For one, Hank may have to investigate Walt on his own and may ask for the help of Skyler, and when the inevitable confrontation occurs, Skyler takes the law into her own hands and kills Walt. Or Skyler decides to aid Walt (which I think is less likely) and accidently kills Jesse who comes to help or Walter Junior who may have followed them. Of course that second theory only works if they are at a hide out or similar.

3. Walt becomes the inside man

Hank may, instead of turning Walt in, decide to recruit him to take down the rest of the drug business. It's a wild theory considering Hank's obsession with the Heisenberg case but the very beginning of Season 5 Walt appears a year later, with a fake identity and, according to some websites, a microphone wire. Who knows? It's a possibility

2. Split between Jesse and Walt

Jesse and Walt have been through quite a journey. From Walt teaching him high school chemistry, to cooking meth in a Winnebago, to running a huge meth operation. This tends to suggest that their relationship must come to a sticky end. Whether it be one of them is killed off, or Walter escapes, or even that Jesse finds out about Walter poisoning Brock in Season 4. Whatever happens it will be emotional to see the charismatic duo separate.

1. Walt Gets Away With It

Other Breaking Bad prediction articles haven't seemed to suggest this one, maybe due to their personal hopes, but I genuinely do not think that Breaking Bad is in the business of giving us happy endings, and in my opinion, I think it will be highly likely that Walter gets away with it all, whether it is with his family or by himself, maybe continuing to cook in the Czech Republic.

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